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5 Easy Fitness Tips to Catch Up With Your Kids

by | Jan 15, 2017 | Activity

Unless you’ve been frozen under the permafrost of Yukon tundra for the past month, you’ve probably heard something about the Dad Bod. The trend picked up steam after a U.S. sophomore blogged about her pudgy dude appreciation and gave it a name. North American men rejoiced. Seth Rogan. Elvis Presley. John Wayne. If they could walk tall with a beer belly, why not us?

Our collective relief didn’t last long, as a flurry of debate about double standards and sexism ensued. But the Dad Bod did spark a renewed focus on men’s fitness. As a dad, you know your health isn’t just about what college girls think (but you’ll take the ego boost, amirite?). Fitness is about feeling good and making sure you can keep up with the boundless energy of your kids.

Regardless of whether or not you have a Dad Bod, here are 7 ways to keep up your fitness – all while getting in some quality Dad time.


1. Use your kids as dumbbells: Little Johnny thinks those bicep curls are a game, but you’re counting three sets of 12 while he takes a vertical ride. These will have looking like Arnold in no time.


2. Sign up for a family fun run: Summer’s here, and with it comes a slew of charity runs. Most of these events include 5km runs that work for all skill levels. Pick one and use it to set achievable fitness goals, something as simple as going for a neighbourhood walk three times per week with the kids.


3. Try a fitness game for your tablet or gaming console: Thanks to an explosion in exercise gaming, dance parties at home are dead easy. If you own a Nintendo Wii or similar system, try something like Just Dance 2015 or Dance Dance Revolution. If your kids are more into sports, try EA Sports Active 2 for everything from shooting hoops to mountain biking.


4. Use TV commercials to trigger workout breaks: Break up screen time with the kids by busting out a set of sit-ups or push-ups during the ads. If you’ve already nixed your cable TV for Netflix, use a timer.


5. Keep up at the park: Don’t just hang out with the other parents on a park bench, get involved by playing a game of tag, soccer or sprints. Your kids will get a kick out of your sloth-like response time, and you’ll feel better after you get your blood pumping.

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