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Hit the ground smiling with these 5 easy morning hacks

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Do you know anyone who actually likes getting up in the morning? Neither do we! Thing is, it only takes a few tweaks to go from dazed and confused to up and at ‘em. Best of all, these 5 morning hacks won’t cost you hard-earned cash, and they’re done in next to no time. Wondering how to wake up happier? Wonder no more!

  1. Limber up: Take five minutes to loosen up your joints before you hit the shower. Here are some easy stretches to get you started.
  2. Crush some H2O: First thing when you wake up, roll over and guzzle the tall glass of water you put on your night stand when you turned in. Hydrating right off the bat is a great way to wake up your body.
  3. Make breakfast stick with you: Those morning pastries and breakfast sandwiches from your favourite coffee spot aren’t known for their health benefits. Instead of grabbing and going, try bagging your breakfast at home and then going! Easy meals like oatmeal, eggs or high-protein cereal keep you fuller for longer. Check out these quick and easy ideas.
  4. Reduce stress by reducing clutter: Believe it or not, a messy bedroom can lead to higher levels of anxiety, helplessness, and stress. Break the cycle by putting everything in its place, and you’ll be surprised how good it feels when you wake up to a clean room.
  5. Make a list and check it twice: Anxiety reduces the overall quality of your sleep, so slay the worry dragon by getting it done the night before. There’s nothing like feeling you’re ahead of your day before it’s even started.
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