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6 Hacks to Finally Get Back in Shape

by | Apr 23, 2015 | Get Active | 0 comments

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Last time I checked, getting back in shape was not high on our priority list, right?  With family life, work and all of our other attention-seeking life-moments it’s tough to get over the hump and work on those ab muscles that are hiding!

The good news is that it really doesn’t take much to get back on the right path. Taking a brisk walk during lunch and right after work can really rev up your metabolism like the heat given off that fine 69’ Dodge Charger.

Want some more easy tips?  Check out the 6 hacks below…

 1. Start off slow

If you can’t recall the last time you laced up your runners, ease into exercise to avoid injury, which could leave you sidelined for weeks. If you feel tired, dial it down; even 15 minutes of brisk walking a day will boost your fitness.


2. Get fit at work

Climb the stairs—don’t take the elevator. If you take the bus, get off several stops earlier so you walk a few extra blocks. Every little bit improves fitness.


3. Try different sports

Running on a treadmill for months is boring. Have fun and sign up for a martial arts class or a men’s hockey team, go swimming or ride a bike.


4. Set goals

As your fitness improves, set new goals. Add another 10 or 20 laps at the pool, or an extra half hour playing soccer with the kids. Go for a jog with the neighbour’s dog.


5. Think of food as fuel for your body

Eat vegetables and fruits for vital vitamins, minerals and fibre. Eat lean protein to build muscle. Avoid sugars and simple carbohydrates. Cookies, candy bars, pop, cake, and donuts will make you tired and lethargic.


6. Fitness is a lifelong process

Don’t expect to see dramatic changes in your physique right away. Change occurs slowly. If your collar feels a bit loose and you have to notch your belt one hole tighter, then pat yourself on the back (and treat yourself to new clothes!).


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