The best way to work in a workout? Bring a buddy!

What do Lethal Weapon and Die Hard have in common?

Besides being awesome action movies, they’re both about guys working together to beat the baddies.

Teaming up with a friend is good for more than taking out evil masterminds. It’s also a great way to get some exercise. In fact, a University of Pennsylvania study found that enrolling at a gym and working out with a friend produced more weight loss than going it alone.

Two buddies setting out for a walk

If gyms aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other ways to buddy up and work out. Here are three easy ideas that don’t cost a thing:

  • Grab a frisbee, football or tennis racquet from the garage and make good use of the parks and courts your tax dollars pay for.
  • Instead of meeting your buddies at the pub for a beer, meet outside the pub and go for a half-hour walk, run or bike ride. That way, the pint you have afterwards will taste that much better!
  • When it’s your turn to walk the dog — man’s best friend, right? — take a detour up a hill or through a local park and turn the stroll into a hike. Meet up with a fellow dog-walker along the way, and hey presto: You’re practically a club!

Another benefit to these ideas: Not one of them requires a stunt double.


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