Okay – so you just butted heads with your boss, chipped your tooth on your favourite mug and now have to go to the dentist tomorrow. The countdown has begun and all you read on every sign you walk by is “Bourbon”.

While we definitely understand the siren-like calls of Bourbon on the rocks try this exercise before rebooting for another day in the trenches. Not only will it help you in the long run by strengthening your midsection but it will do wonders for your otherwise internalised rage.

The Core Knock-out is made for days like these

1. Grab a couch cushion and place it against the wall.


 2. Sit with your body parallel the pillow. Bring your heels onto the floor with your knees bent. Recline slightly until you feel a pull in your mid-section but your back is still straight.


 3. Hook your arm and use your core, keeping your arm in the exact same position, to twist your torso and hit the pillow.



4. Let the pummelling begin.