Welcome to your annual holiday meal, the gluttonous family throwdown, the Super Bowl of feasts. Nothing threatens to pack on the pounds quite like a carb-heavy holiday dinner, so before you hit the table thrashing with fork and knife, earn your place on the culinary field with these 3 simple moves:

  1. 10 Wall Squats: We know you’ve been dreaming of climbing that mountain of mashed potatoes and gravy all year long, so prep your body by starting with 10 squats. This will get your blood pumping and politely remind your metabolism to kick into motion. Here’s an easy 3-step method.
  2. 1-minute jump rope or jumping jacks: Remember to focus on victory, that moment when you raise that perfect roast above your head and kiss it like the Lombardi Trophy. (Maybe avoid the last bit, the other guests will thank you later.) You should feel your heart picking up the pace at this point.
  3. 1-minute plank: Get down on your knees, then put your body weight on your forearms (between your elbows and wrists). If you’re feeling like a champ, balance on your forearms and toes, and hold your back straight to form a plank position for a minute (or as long as you can stomach). You should feel the burn in your core before you stuff yourself silly. Double check your form with our 3-step Plank method.

Pro tip: For a longer sweat session, repeat this challenge three times.

Think of your dinner plate as the football field, and those delicious side dishes as your carefully selected team. You know you need a well-rounded plate to achieve a win, so don’t throw too much interference on the turkey, and don’t put the veggies on the sidelines – keep them in the game! Remember: You only get to this table once per year, so make it count and avoid the carb coma.