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Top 5 ways to fit it in

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1. Go for a walk on your lunch break.

Studies have shown that walking just 5 city blocks per day can reduce your chance of heart disease by 25%


 2. Play with your kids! (Or your dog)

Next time you’re at the park get off that bench. Chasing your kids or throwing a ball for the dog is not only fun but it’s also an easy way to get in your recommended daily 30 minutes of exercise. Plus spending quality time with loved ones has been proven to reduce stress and improve your overall resistance to disease.

In the words of George Bernard “We don’t stop playing because we get old, but we get old because we stop playing.”


 3. Do some Chores

Give your woman a break and take over some of the household chores.  For every hour of cleaning you can burn over 300 calories.  To get more bang for your buck try some of the more strenuous chores like cleaning the gutters and windows, vacuuming or shovelling the snow.



 4. Stand Don’t Sit

Try to replace at least an hour a day that you’d typically be sitting down for with standing.  You don’t need to do that hour all at once though, break it up into 10 or 15 minute increments.

Sitting for 3 hours or more per day is associated with a 74% increase of developing metabolic syndrome, a condition that puts you at an increased risk for diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.


5. Use your Body Instead of Your Car

Replace quick driving trips with walking or biking, it’s an easy way to get your errands done while incorporating some exercise…just make sure to bundle up.

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