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iPosture and Text Claw have been increasingly plaguing our people since the emergence of mobile devices. The amount of driving we do and increasing amount of spare tires lying around (nudge, nudge) are definitely not helping either. Immediate action is required and Renegade Rows should now be considered a man’s (2nd) best friend.


The slouched shoulders, tight chest and chronic back pain are your body’s way of begging for a little corrective action. Satisfy your body’s yearning for good posture by working on your midsection and building strength in your upper back to keep from sagging forward.


Enter Renegade Rows, your first step in fixing that droop:


 Renegade Rows

1. Start in the top of a push-up with your feet shoulder width apart.

  •  Keep your body parallel to the floor with your wrists directly under your shoulders.
  • Engage your midsection and stabilize your body. 

 2. Lift your right hand raising your elbow slightly above torso height. 


 3. Return it to the ground.



4. Raise your left elbow to slightly above torso height. Repeat 3 – 5 times with each arm.



Too Difficult lower your knees to the ground


Too Easy add weight by using barbells in your hands


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