Guys, it’s almost Mother’s Day.  No last minute stuff, like smelly soaps, another kitchen gadget, or a last minute gift from the gas station. Let Don’t Change Much guide you with these 3 low cost and super easy Mother’s Day surprises.

It’s a safe bet that one-on-one time is better than anything you could possibly purchase.

Use our 3 helpful tips to wow Mom on Mother’s Day … which is May 13 this year — you’re welcome.

Healthy breakfast smoothie

Stop by in the morning with a healthy coconut strawberry smoothie to start Mom’s special day off on the right foot. All you need is bananas, coconut milk, pitted dates, frozen strawberries and some vanilla protein powder. Find the full recipe here.

House chores

Why not offer Mom your Herculean strength for the day? See if there’s a list of items she’s been putting off and roll up your sleeves for the afternoon and get those tasks done! This one will keep you in the good books until at least October.

Quality time

Just hanging out with someone you love also does wonders for mental health. So grab a coffee, plan a walk in the park, and bring other family members along for extra brownie points.

If mom isn’t around, you can still use these tips to make any woman in your life feel appreciated on Mother’s Day. Just show some love!