Ruling the roost is hard work; you have to constantly illustrate your strength, list off achievements and without question you’ve got to complain about aching feet. Well, we can’t help you with the feet or the bragging but we can give you a way to show off that rugged, manly strength in three simple steps.


  1. Every time you enter your kitchen do a push-up. It’s insane how often you’re actually in and out of there. Feel like you can do more than one? Do more than one – it’s really that simple. Just make sure to grunt a little if there are any family members in or around the room.


  1. Doing crunches before entering the bathroom is probably a form of Chinese Torture so ditch the cruel and unusual punishment and try doing a few calf raises instead. This will gain respect from even the toughest crowd.


  1. Do three squats in the bedroom doorway. Go ahead and give your woman a good look at her warrior before heading under the sheets.