Don't Change Much

Screw Motivation, This is the Key to Unlock Becoming Healthy!

Unlike your car, the extra mileage you put on your walking shoes can make your body run much, much better.

All you need to do to be a little healthier is walk a bit more. Here’s how:

Five easy ways to get more steps in

Enjoy yourself!

Walking is so natural and effortless that it’s easy to combine it with other pleasurable pursuits. Slap on some headphones and listen to your favourite tunes while you stroll. Or take a route through a pretty park. Or, do both!

Bonus tip: Join The League of ‘Fairly’ Healthy Men

Fitting a workout into your daily routine is tough, and it’s a lot easier for a bodybuilder to lift weights than it is for a regular guy who doesn’t make it to the gym all that often. This is where the League of Fairly Healthy Men comes in. Sign up and you’ll be guided through a series of small, easy steps each week that’ll boost your health in no time.