Do you ever get the feeling all that time spent on the treadmill isn’t exactly slaying that beer belly Game of Thrones style? If so, it’s not just you – weight-loss research suggests long cardio workouts aren’t the quickest way to slim down that spare tire. If you really want to see results, maybe it’s time to try interval training.

Interval training saves time:

We’re all short on time these days, but interval training actually means less time in the gym. We’ll spare you the science behind the technique, but study after study shows that by alternating high-intensity with lower-intensity work, you increase your body’s afterburn effect. In other words, you’re literally burning fat for hours afterwards.

Why interval training might be right for you:

High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, has become crazy popular in the past few years, mostly because it’s just so darn effective. Who doesn’t want to see better results in less than half the time of traditional workouts? If you want to learn more, check out this BBC video that shows cycling for just three minutes can have more impact than longer endurance sessions.

How to get started: 

Try this interval training routine that should have you sweating like Mike Tyson at a spelling bee: Walk, jog or cycle for 30 seconds at a comfortable pace, then alternate with 30 seconds at a faster pace. Repeat a few times and see how you’re doing. Try to get to 20 minutes if you can, but don’t overdo it!

Remember, there’s a reason they call it high-intensity – if you’re doing it right, you’ll feel it. Embrace that temporary burn for a good feeling that lasts.