Record game-show haul: $4 million+ Health tips from our new quiz: Priceless!

Spoiler alert: You will NOT win $4,455,102 (U.S.) by trying our new Canadian Men’s Health Week quiz.

That mind-boggling amount, by the way, is the current world record for quiz-show winnings. It was claimed by 2011 Jeopardy! contestant Brad Rutter, who went unbeaten during his 19-game stint on the show.

Then again, our awesome new quiz offers something money can’t buy: Easy tips for living healthier! Go four-for-four on the quiz, and you’re the master of what Don’t Change Much, and Canadian Men’s Health Week, are all about. Get shut out, and the men’s health quiz questions deliver the inside scoop on small healthy changes that can lead to big results.

Talk about a win-win situation! Nineteen straight wins on Jeopardy! may make you a multi-millionaire, but easy tips you can use to look and feel better for the rest of your life are PRICELESS! For more priceless pointers, check out the new “Gold Medal Office Health Tips” ebook (which you can download for free here).

Now sit back, relax, grab a tasty snack if you like, and take a minute to try our new quiz!


Leave your answers in the comments below!

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Adam Bisby

Adam Bisby

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June 08, 2019

B. Banana
B. 1pm
C. Twice an hour
D. As much as you can

Frank Vengels
June 08, 2019

Snack B
Coffee B
Standing B
Water C

June 05, 2019

A. Banana
B. 11 AM
C. Twice every hour
D. As much as you can, it's a competition

David Cory Buehler
June 04, 2019

B. A banana

Mark Purcell
June 04, 2019

Stand up once every hour
Drink 4 glasses of water (or more if you like)
Coffee stops at 1pm
Banana is the better snack

June 04, 2019

B,c,c and c

June 04, 2019

B Coffee
B Sweets
C Water
C Stand-up

June 04, 2019

Eat a Banana at work.

Gerald Riggs
June 03, 2019

Greg's lunch all the way LOL