Some guys have a bad habit of spending way too much time on weights, and not nearly enough time on the treadmill. We get it – you want to max your workout time, and a half hour on the bike or rowing machine sometimes just doesn’t feel like you’re getting results.

But the truth is that cardio can help you live a much healthier life than muscle-building alone. And you can do it literally anywhere, and with anyone.

But what exactly is cardio? Cardio refers to activities that work the cardiovascular system to get our hearts pumping and our lungs breathing more heavily. Regular cardio helps with weight management, stress reduction, confidence and a lot more.

Check out these three, simple ways to get in your cardio:

Walking or hiking – Picking up the pace can do wonders for your lungs, even better if you do it in nature.

Swimming – Admission to your community gym costs the same as your morning cup of coffee, so grab a pair of goggles and take some laps.

Biking – A leisurely bike ride burns more calories than walking, 280 versus 175 per hour, give or take, and typically gets you where you’re going more than five times faster. Pedal more quickly or climb a hill, and the fitness benefits only increase.

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