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Beat food cravings & hangovers with this motto: ‘1 drink, 1 glass of water, repeat’

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We’ve all been there: You just spent a couple hours at the pub, and on the walk home some kind of invisible force pulls you, kicking and screaming, toward a 24-hour pizzeria, fast-food restaurant, or hot dog stand.

OK, maybe it was your late-night appetite that practically forced you to scarf that greasy pizza. When we’re buzzed, we tend to binge-eat unhealthy food. Trouble is, drinking to excess (more than three drinks in one night) makes the unhealthy food hit that much worse.

The good news: There is a way to get your drink on without all those junk-food cravings. It costs nothing, it couldn’t be easier, and get this — it will even take the edge off a hangover.

What is this miracle cure, you ask? It’s not a miracle — it’s water! One drink, one glass of water, repeat: Having a glass of H2O after each and every drink really does work wonders.

Does drinking water between drinks help? You bet it does! Here’s how:

Curbs food cravings: drinking water fills up your stomach, making you feel less hungry. If that sounds simple, it’s because it is!

Boosts energy: your brain and body need water to work properly, and drinking lots of it will help make you sharper and more energetic. All the better for flirting with the server or putting the moves on your significant other when you get home.

Keeps you cool: water is refreshing and hydrating, and downing some between drinks will also help keep you out of sloppy-drunk territory by slowing down and diluting your consumption. Same buzz, less sloppiness. Again, all the better for turning on the charm.

Hangover helper: water helps your body process and eliminate alcohol, so removing it from your system ASAP with plenty of water will result in a milder, or even non-existent, hangover. When you order a drink, ask for a glass of water with it, and then finish off that water after each and every alcoholic beverage.

So let’s all raise a glass to water! And then drink it…

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