When it comes to drinking  the line can get a bit a blurry. The good news is studies have proven drinking in moderation can actually have health benefits. But what is moderation? 

Lets break it down:

If you’re drinking 15 drinks per week, congratulations!  You’re still in a good healthy range. Unfortunately, that’s up to 3 per night, meaning you can’t bank all 15 for the weekend.


1.  If you’re using a mix use 100% real juice, and add lots of ice.  Why not get some fiber and nutrients in?

2.  If you’re going to go with wine go for a dry wine to reduce sugar intake. 

3.  Keep water handy. Alcohol is a natural diuretic so sipping water with your drink keeps you hydrated and feeling good tomorrow.

4.  Eat.  Something healthy that is, like a sandwich or chicken burger.

5.  Take a multi-vitamin the next day. Drinking can deplete the body’s natural store of vitamins and minerals so go ahead and top up.


6.  Drink pop or other artificially sweetened drinks as a mix. The excess sugar can more than double the amount of calories…and hangover.

7.  Drink too fast: try not to exceed 2 drinks in 3 hours.

8. Drink with artificial sweeteners. If you need something sweet – it’s better to go for the real thing. 

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