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What Habit Would You Change for a Million Dollars?

by | Jun 13, 2016 | Drink Less | 0 comments

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As the classic phrase spoken by doctors goes, “this may hurt a little.” In this case, it may hurt a lot. Guys like money, plain and simple. What we don’t like, however, is losing money. How about losing $8.6 million dollars?

The infographic below shows the top three unhealthy habits among men that are costing us some serious cash. More importantly, it shows what we stand to gain by making a few small changes for our health. It doesn’t mean eating gross food, no beer and running marathons. It’s about simple tweaks with exciting results – like buying a fancy new car every year for 45 years, for instance…now that’s something every guy would love!


So, you want to live healthier and become a millionaire? Get started here.

Don't Change Much
Don’t Change Much

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