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YouCheck for Men – Take a look into your future health

by | Jul 25, 2014 | CMHF News

YouCheck is a world first – an algorithm that provides men with their 10 year health outlook for the 7 most common conditions and diseases that affect men. YouCheck was developed in partnership by the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation and the University of British Columbia and is currently being pilot tested over the summer of 2014.

It takes about 8-10 minutes to complete the 18 questions in YouCheck and at the end you get a customized report.

The CMHF needs as many guys as possible to fill out YouCheck and provide feedback at the end using the suggestion box. It is the feedback that CMHF will use to improve YouCheck.

In the first 6 weeks we have had over 2,000 guys use YouCheck and here are some of their comments:

The good:

  • Terrific information and just the right amount of praise for good work and encouragement for the areas that need improvement!
  • Very interesting results and easy to complete/follow. Thanks for your efforts in building this tool. Please continue the good work and I will definitely check back in to see if there has been any improvements with my own health.
  • This was great. It did not take too long and the results were specific and helpful. Also good that you included links to sites with more detailed information
  • This is a great resource – I just recently started taking my health more seriously after having been overly engaged in my work for the last few years and put on too much weight. Thank you for this.
  • Great quick check (and reminder)…every guy in Canada should go through this.
  • Ya, probably a good thing, but tough to admit I need to change things. Will probably look at making some changes.
  • This is a very good survey and has given me a lot of thought of my life style and plan on making some changes especially exercise and alcohol intake, thank you for this.
  • Excellent. I told me what I was expecting but not wanting to admit. I will pass this on to my friends. Thank you.
  • Great survey, easy to complete…….. I intend to initiate a “My Health” program immediately………. I also intend repeating the survey every 3 – 6 months

The not so good and things we will be changing based on feedback:

  • My BMI is always high because my muscle mass is higher than average.  It would be nice to have a better measure that could take this into account.
  • It was good. Overall easy to use, except the sliders for things like age and weight, those are awful interface options. The time to do the survey was worth it, the feedback and next steps where nice.
  • Very informative, and fairly easy to use. One issue: Age/weight data, an option to enter/type data rather than slider might be easier to use. Filled out the survey on a mobile device (ipad) and was very hard to get the correct value.
  • Great tool. Very actionable results. Might help to have a diagram or two to have it be a little less text-heavy.
  • This was good, very helpful. I wish it were smartphone friendly, the formatting was painful.

There’s 6 more weeks of pilot testing to go. Take 10 minutes to learn about your future health and help us improve YouCheck with any thoughts and feedback you have.

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