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Did you know?

Jun 12-18 is celebrated in countries worldwide as International Men’s Health Week?

With Father’s Day on Sun, Jun 18th, it’s the ideal time of year to demonstrate your support for men’s health.


Introducing…. The Employee Healthcare Toolkit

We’ve compiled engaging and informative digital tools proven to inspire guys and their families to make small changes toward a healthier lifestyle.

The Employee Healthcare Toolkit is provided by dontchangemuch.ca, a federally endorsed, year-round campaign that speaks to men and families about making small changes in lifestyle with the mission of helping men live 10 healthier years.

Today’s men are:

  • 79% more likely to die from heart disease
  • 59% more likely to die from diabetes
  • 3 times more likely to commit suicide

& 45% of today’s women are widowed by age 65.

Help us change these statistics by investing in the health of your workforce this Father’s Day.


70% of men’s health conditions are caused by unhealthy lifestyle behaviours that men & those who care about them can help prevent.


How It Works

The Kit has been designed to launch anytime during the week leading up to Father’s Day on Sunday, June 18th.  Its tools are inclusive for all employees and shareable with family, friends, and other colleagues.

Simply copy, paste and send or post the email we provide to introduce the kit and its contents to your employees. Your employees will take it from there!

Turnkey. Simple. Effective.


What’s included in a kit?

  • Father’s Day ebook – ideas of fun things for employees to do this Father’s Day with the dads in their life (dad, grandad, husband, brother, etc.)
  • Wallet Card – reminder card for two great health resources: dontchangemuch.ca and youcheck.ca
  • Ecard – some fun for employees: Father’s day e-cards with gifs they can send out to family
  • Men’s Maintenance Guide -a reference screening and vaccination schedule 
  • Health Tips on PPT – great lifestyle tips to prevent health issues in men; simply email to employees or display on your intranet or office screens



Benefits of Encouraging a Healthier Workplace

  1. A healthier workforce.
  2. Employee engagement.
  3. Brand recognition as an employer dedicated to the health and wellbeing of your workforce.
  4. Tax write-off for your charitable contribution.
  5. Your company logo on the CMHF website menshealthfoundation.ca as a supporter of men’s health.


Ordering an Employee Healthcare Toolkit for Your Organization

This toolkit is offered compliments of the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation to encourage Canadian men and their families to make small changes toward a healthier lifestyle. We thank you very much for your support and wish you and your employees a happy & healthy Father’s Day!

Suggested Donation: $500


Your Donations Make a Difference


Your contribution will further men’s health programming, tool development, and research.



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