How to Be a Superhero for Your Family and Community

Is your superhero costume fitting just a little snug these days? Having trouble moving up-up-and-away from your couch? If you’re only moving faster than a speeding bullet towards your pantry, it’s probably time to get your superhero groove back with some awesome tips from Don’t Change Much!

Since April 28, 2018 is Superhero Day, check out our 3 tips that can save the day:

  1. Train your brain — Not all superheroes are born with super-strength. In fact, some survive solely on their own smarts (Ironman and Batman, to name a few). Check out some of our many tips like screen-free afternoons, getting out into nature, or trying a new hobby to grow your brain power and relieve stress.
  2. Be a hero — A superhero loves to help others, but the best way to help you and your family is to take care of your health. Use our 10-minute YouCheck tool for a snapshot of your health, and empower yourself to take steps towards a better life.

    Don’t let bad health become your kryptonite! Show your family you’re a real caped crusader by making simple changes towards a healthier life today.


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Lloyd Landgraff
April 26, 2018

Can you change the colour of the print to black so it is easier to read.

D.A. Smith
April 26, 2018

Impossible to do this in Canada today.