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2015 ’s most cliché resolutions: Get out of debt

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Getting your resolution right will not only encourage (oh God, No!) healthy habits in life but when achieved they can also instil a large amount of pride. A certain amount of pride can do wonders for a man’s mental health. So cliché or not, keep your resolutions alive with these tips.

So, it just occurred to you that you enjoy having money and that being in debt really blows. Many drinks and a new resolution later, we would like to congratulate you on this financial awakening.

If you’re ready to rid yourself of the stress that debt throws your way try these tips:

  • Check with your bank to see if they have a program like the Scotiabank’s “Bank the Rest”. Then sit back as it rounds your purchases up to the nearest $1 – $5 banking the rest into your tax-free savings. Simple and painless.
  • Make your own meals. It’s amazing how much you can save by bringing a lunch to work and staying in for more dinners. If you need some inspiration check out our recipe section.
  • Try the 52 Week Money Challenge in reverse – put $52* in this week and scale it back by $1 per week then, instead of putting your savings in a jar put it towards your credit card bill.
* if you have the financial capability or if your debt is of a larger amount, try doubling your savings, starting with $104 – ending with $52 and really see the money grow.

Check back later this week for: Top 5 Most Cliche Resolutions for 2015: Lose Weight , Get Organized  

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