Not all stress-relievers are desk-appropriate. For some, you need privacy, a partner, or enough space to swing a sledgehammer…

The three easy moves listed here can reduce stress and produce big health benefits. Excess stress, after all, can lead to heart disease, Canada’s no. 2 killer of men, as well as weight gain, alcohol and substance abuse, and mental illness.

So let’s review these three moves that will show stress the door…

Deep breathing

Sit comfortably at your desk and inhale slowly and deeply through your nose, breathing in just below your rib cage and filling your lungs as deep as possible. Then, do the same when you exhale. Complete this once and you’ll feel better. Do it for one minute (or more), and stress and tension will melt away.

Low-profile office hip stretch

Stress is physical as well as mental, and this simple desk-friendly stretch can reduce lower back pain by boosting flexibility in your legs and hips. Here’s how it’s done:
Stress inset 1

Step 1: Sitting at your desk, cross your right foot over your left knee, extending the left leg out a little if necessary.

Step 2: Keeping your right foot flexed to protect the ankle, sit up straight, as tall as possible, then hinge forward at the hips with a flat back.

Step 3: Hold the stretch for several deep breaths, lengthening the outer hip muscles.

Step 4: Repeat on the other side.


Simply laughing with your workmates is an ideal way to shrug off the stresses of everyday life. Sometimes a short break from your work can do wonders for your productivity. We’re not saying watch a ton of YouTube videos while at work, but one or two throughout the day can’t hurt… this one is sure to make you laugh.

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