By the time the weekend hits, all you want to do is grab a few beers, throw on a hoodie, and watch sports. Next Saturday, when you grab your hoodie, instead of grabbing the beers, think about these 3 great ways to reduce stress and feel happier this weekend:

  1. Spend half of a day without looking at your phone – We know, we’re insane. But breaking your digital habit is possible, especially if you leave your screen at home for a few hours. Don’t be a slave to your device, take some time to chill out with family and friends.
  2. Do something that makes you laugh – When was the last time you checked out a comedy show? How about a movie night with your other half or some buddies? Laughing can help strengthen your immune system, which helps you fight off colds and sickness, and lowers activity in the “stress” areas of the brain. This is the easiest health tip you’ll ever get, so take advantage!
  3. Leave your work at the office – Easier said than done, right? But if you don’t make time to relax, you’ll burn out. Health Canada recommends a maximum of 40-48 hours of work a week, but the higher end is red-lining it and shouldn’t be consistent. That means you need AT LEAST a whole day, ideally two, where your brain volume is turned way down.

You got that? Beers and Sunday night football are still on the table, but make sure you throw in a few of our de-stressing tips next weekend. Your body will thank us for it!