3 Ways to Reduce Stress After Work

Stress at work is, unfortunately, part of life. Whether it’s work, money, or your favourite football team on a losing streak – there’s a lot that can stress a guy out. But next time you’re feeling like you need a punching bag, try these 3 ways to reduce stress after work:

  1. Clear your head with 5 minutes of alone time – If you aren’t used to solitude, it can be tough at first. Especially with your phone close at hand. But do yourself a solid and turn off the screen, if only for a few minutes. You may feel more relaxed if you give yourself a bit of time to recap your day and take a deep breath.

  2. Read a good book – Picking up a novel might not be second-nature, but it helps you relax, and takes your mind off stressful thoughts after work. Added bonus? Women love a well-read man.

  3. Find and listen to music that inspires you – “When I hear music, I fear no danger,” said a famous author (speaking of good books). Music can also help you chill out, so grab a pair of headphones and be fearless as you say goodbye to work for the day.


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