5 Highly Effective Ways to Deal With Anxiety

Anxiety is very common, more so than anxiety disorders, which are chronic mental conditions. Instead of feeling helpless, know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and there are ways to help ease short-term anxiety.

Here are five of the most effective ways to show anxiety the door and kick it in the butt on the way out!

1) How to identify anxiety

Our hectic lives allow fears and concerns to fester. Many men stay busy to try and repress these issues, but they don’t go away.

Anxiety in men can be especially problematic because we are less likely to seek help or even understand and acknowledge the importance of dealing with it. That’s why simply identifying our worries is key: It allows us to question their validity.

Tip: Make a list of your worries and fears. You might be surprised in a good way just by the act of listing them.

2) Take a few quiet moments for yourself

You don’t have to take seminars or even meditate. It can be as simple as spending a few quiet moments every day — you can do this on your lunch break, while you’re in the shower,  or during your drive or bike ride to work to become aware of your thoughts and emotions.

3) Talking leads to great rewards

Talking through your worries to a friend or family member — or in some cases, your family doctor or a professional counsellor — can be enormously rewarding and helpful. Don’t let pride stand in the way.

4) Engage your mood-boosting endorphins

Exercise burns away stress-inducing chemicals and can produce mood-boosting endorphins. Any exercise will help, but getting into a daily routine that’s at least 20 minutes long will make the most of your efforts.

5) Zs translates to happiness

By practising good sleep hygiene, the rest of these hacks — and the rest of your life for that matter — will fall into place that much easier.


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Wendy Young
January 28, 2016

I just had my first anxiety attack where I couldn't breath, like a vice was squeezing my lungs tighter every breath I took. It got so bad my hands, legs and face started to cramp up, my whole body felt like a heavy brick. I was taken to hospital but was able to calm down knowing I had support should I run into serious issues. I have always been skeptical about anxiety attacks as many people I know use as a crutch and don't deal with it so life can go on for them. I am determined to get this under control and not be consumed with. Although I still feel it hanging on inside waiting for my next issue but I keep breathing deeply making sure I keep control. I am thankful for sites like this for support.

Betty Rubin
September 28, 2018

I have feelings of anxiety and fear for no reason at all. I could burst into tears at any time for no reason.
I feel fearful all the time.