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Any guy can be a superhero! These easy tips empower you to take small steps towards a better life

by | Jun 28, 2019 | Lower Stress | 2 comments

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Each and every April 28, we have three words for you: Happy Superhero Day! If your super suit feels just a little snug, or if you’re having trouble getting up-up-and-away from your couch, or if you’re only moving faster than a speeding bullet towards your fridge, then it’s probably time to get your Man-of-Steel groove back. Wondering how to be a superhero in real life? There’s no better way to do THAT than with a couple of awesome, easy tips from Don’t Change Much!

Train your brain

Not all superheroes are born with super-strength. In fact, some survive solely on their own smarts (Ironman and Batman, to name a few). Check out some of our many tips, such as screen-free afternoons, getting out into nature, or trying a new hobby, to grow your brain power and relieve stress.

Be a hero

A superhero lives to help others, but the best way to help yourself, and your family, is to take care of your health. Use our 10-minute YouCheck tool for a snapshot of your health, and empower yourself to take easy steps towards a better life.

Don’t let poor health become your kryptonite! Show your family you’re a real caped crusader by taking small, easy steps towards a healthier life today.

This article was originally published on April 25, 2018.

No time for a checkup? No problem!

In less time than it takes to shower and shave, our YouCheck online health tool will help you dodge unhealthy bullets and provide straightforward doctor-backed tips.

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  1. D.A. Smith

    Impossible to do this in Canada today.

  2. Lloyd Landgraff

    Can you change the colour of the print to black so it is easier to read.


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