Bite Me, Jack Frost!

There are some crazy mofo’s out there. I’m not talking your logger, tugboat operator type, because let’s face it, they are their own brand of crazy – I’m talking those bike-to-work in December kind of guys.


These crafty Canucks are laughing in the face of Jack Frost while zip-tying their tires as makeshift snow chains, stuffing hand-warmers down their pants and using their woman’s ankle biters as sled dogs.


And we’ll admit learning about all this ingenious winter madness has made us a little jealous. While we may not all be made for freezing bike commutes or the polar bear swim, we are beginning to feel the excitement that only Jack Frost can bring.


So gear up, find your thing and enjoy the snow! 


What crazy shenanigans do you get up to in the snow? Let us know in the comments section!


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