Getting your resolution right will not only encourage (oh God, No!) healthy habits in life but when achieved they can also instil a large amount of pride. A certain amount of pride can do wonders for a man’s mental health. So cliché or not, keep your resolutions alive with these tips.

Since you were old enough to understand “don’t touch that”, people have been preaching you on how to be a generally good human being. Much of this includes the very basic concept of being decent to others.

This “do good things for others” resolution has all of us at the office a little curious… how is it that you have been so down-right nasty that you have to actually make a resolution just to do good things for others? What were you doing for the last 10 years – pushing over grannies? But alas – this is in the top 10 resolutions made.

So, if karma is really out to get you – I guess we should fill you in on the secrets everyone else seems to have figured out via osmosis.


  • Don’t think twice – if the urge to help someone hits, whether it’s helping a friend with a move or a homeless person on the street with some grub, do it and keep it moving.
  • Never do something with the idea that you will get something in return. Not only will you most likely be disappointed but you will no longer be doing good things for others – you’ll be doing it for yourself.
  • No one likes a try-hard. A good rule of thumb is if it’s not sincere, don’t do it.

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