Feeling a little nasty this holiday season?

Scroogeoids are popping up more and more frequently as the holidays quickly approach. Very tough to self-diagnose, symptoms are often first recognised by family members, friends or even strangers.


skrew / gee / oh / eed
A resemblance to a cranky curmudgeon or skinflint.


Some of the most common symptoms include extreme aversion to:

  • Christmas Carols
  • Mall Santas
  • Fruit Cake
  • Crowds


Some doctors are warning that there are almost as many misdiagnoses as there are correct detections of the disorder. If you want to make sure you don’t end up in the “grumpy house” this season make sure you:


Block off “family time” and stick to it

You don’t need to be setting up shop in your local mall parking lot but make sure you enjoy some time with your loved ones – that’s what the holidays are all about after all… aren’t they? Try going sledding with your kids, go on an evening walk and enjoy the lights around your neighbourhood with your lady, or simply help the family set up this years Christmas tree.  Relax, enjoy the season and feel your heart grow three sizes for no reason.


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