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How to be Good at Everything in One Day

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It’s true, people who become supremely successful don’t take a secret shortcut in life, eat super foods, or take magic pills. Most successful people focus on a few simple tricks to get their mind right: this tip is straight from the playbook of NBA’s MVP Stephen Curry.

Here is what elite athletes, successful business owners, and peak performers do to get into a healthy mindset:

Positive Thinking

A positive attitude makes life look brighter and promising. With positive thinking, it’s easier to achieve success, have better health, improve relationships, and enjoy life overall. Start the day with positive affirmation; think about the lessons you’ve learned from any mistakes and focus on how they can positively impact your future decisions.


Gratitude is actually an attitude and way of living that has been shown to have many benefits in terms of health, happiness, and satisfaction with life. Simply put, it involves focusing on the present and appreciating what we have now, rather than wanting more and more. Once a day, try writing down one thing you’re grateful for. You’ll be surprised how big of a difference it can make.


The best athletes in the world are very familiar with the act of visualization. What this entails is thinking about a goal you want to achieve, then visualizing yourself going through that action and succeeding. Give it a try when waking up and see how it impacts your day.

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