What goes great with campfires? Beer, buddies, and plans to clear life’s hurdles

There’s more to campfires than singing “Kumbaya.” Hanging out with buddies in the great outdoors — ideally with cold beverages in hand — is a great time to talk about life’s hurdles.

Guys hanging out around the campfire at the Wellmen Project

The power of fireside conversation was revealed at a recent Wellmen Project event. The outdoor adventure and personal development program for guys set up shop at the Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish, B.C., where a mountaintop campfire shed some serious light on how to get rid of hurdles in life.

Here are three hurdles that men face, and a simple step to work through each of them:

1. Figuring myself out

Kyle speaks out on figuring myself out

From Kyle: “A lot of the daily challenges for me (involve) coming to terms with who I am and who I want to be…without comparing myself and trying to be anyone other than who I am.”

How to deal?: record your thoughts using your phone

Dictate a voice memo or type into a digital notepad, and if you want to slow yourself down, go old-school with a pen and paper.

“It is something that has become a daily practice; and finding those little cues and daily reminders to realign myself with what my goals are and how I want to live my daily life.”

2. What is my purpose?

Peter speaks out on what is my purpose

From Peter: “There are these peaks and valleys that I sometimes have trouble navigating. Where do you put your focus in life? What is most important?”

How to deal?: be honest with yourself

“It’s about figuring out what my passions are, and how I want to pursue them.”

3. Putting my health second

Dean speaks out on putting my health second

From Dean: “The biggest challenge for me in maintaining my health is the fact that my kids come first. I can give everything to my children, but if I am not looking after my own health I might not be there for them.”

Click here to watch Dean’s video, A Dad’s Story on Canadian Men’s Health Foundation’s YouTube channel.

How to deal?: include your kids in the active things you like to do.

“I’m fortunate that my kids are at the age that I can take them to do things. I have spent tons of time on the ski hill with my eldest son; it’s really good for bonding, but also really good for our health.”


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March 24, 2018

These feed showed up as the 3rd entry on my social media page at a pretty crucial time. I find myself struggling with stress management for the first time in my 9 year career. I do my best to separate my work life from my home life, but lately they've been crossing over. I keep getting told that I am a hard, dedicated worker and that my junior colleagues look up to me, and then in the same breath I'm being told that I need to pick things up and that I need to have more respect for the supervisors. Not too sure how to proceed and deal with the double standards.

Neil Whittle
March 30, 2018

I’m in a new relationship and want to stay as healthy as possible as he is 15 yrs younger that I.