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Let your sexy ‘Love Language’ do the talking with these easy Valentine’s Day ideas

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Which “love language” do you speak? Here’s how some of the guys at Don’t Change Much jokingly answered the question:

“I let my hands do the talking.”
“I just repeat whatever Barry White says.”
“Whatever language she wants me to speak, dammit!”

Seriously though, love languages are a thing. According to this bestselling book, there are five basic ways romantic partners express and experience love. Take this fun couples quiz to find out which one suits your relationship best. Then you can pair that info with these easy, healthy and inexpensive tips for celebrating Feb. 14 and other romantic occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays…you get the idea.

Language 1: Physical Touch

The book notes that this language “isn’t all about the bedroom.” If you and your partner show excitement, concern and care with “hugs, pats on the back, hand-holding and thoughtful touches on the arm, shoulder, or face,” then this could be your go-to love language.

One easy way to work more physical touch into your lives is to get active together. A romantic Valentine’s Day stroll, for instance, is a win-win: It’s bound to lead to some hand-holding — and who knows what else from there.

Language 2: Quality Time

“Nothing says ‘I love you,’ like full, undivided attention,” the book points out, which is pretty awesome given that full, undivided attention doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate. Sometimes it’s merely about changing up your daily routine, say, with a little friendly competition. Dust off the Monopoly board, play pool or go bowling, and if all goes well, everybody wins. Remember: It’s all fun and games until someone loses their clothes, then it’s Valentine’s Day!

Language 3: Words of Affirmation

Unsolicited compliments and hearing “I love you” mean the world to you and your partner if this is your love language, the book says. This may sound simple, but words of affirmation can get lost in the daily grind. That’s where these tips come in:

Make it a sweet farewell: Don’t lumber out of the house with your travel mug after a quick peck on the cheek. Look your lover in the eye and tell them they look hot.

Post-work debrief: Make time for a 15-minute chat when you get home. You can even do it during that walk we just mentioned. Unpacking your day will help both of you blow off steam, relax and get in the mood.

Language 4: Acts of Service

Can painting walls or shovelling snow really be expressions of love? They sure can, the book says: “Anything you do to ease the burden of responsibilities weighing on an ‘Acts of Service’ person will speak volumes.”

As well as scoring you some brownie points, doing chores can also improve your health. Kick winter jobs up a notch by doing them more quickly, or adding extra moves like lunges and squats.

Language 5: Receiving Gifts

These couples “thrive on the love, thoughtfulness, and effort behind gifts,” the book says, and that’s where a romantic meal, prepared by you, can score serious points come Feb. 14. According to research, after all, guys are deemed to be sexiest when they’re working magic in the kitchen. 

Wondering what to cook? Check out these recipes for a delicious, easy and healthy three-course meal:

Starter: Potato & Leek Soup

Main course: Chef Ned Bell’s Wildly Delicious Baked Salmon

Dessert: Championship Chocolate Fudge

Second dessert: Time to let your hands (and/or Barry White) do the talking…

Do you have any other easy Valentine’s Day ideas? Help your buddies out by sharing them in the comments below!

If you want to learn more about mental health, check out the guy’s guide to mental health page.

Adam Bisby
Adam Bisby

Adam Bisby is a Toronto-based freelance journalist and father of two who has been covering men’s health for more than 20 years. As well as researching and blogging for Don’t Change Much since 2015, Adam’s award-winning work has appeared in the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star and National Post newspapers, in magazines such as Explore, Reader’s Digest and Canadian Family, and on websites including MSN and Toronto.com. Visit Adam’s website for more information on what he does.

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