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The Man’s V-Day Rescue Guide

by | Feb 12, 2015 | Mental Health

D-Day, by definition, is the day on which a combat attack or operation is about to be initiated. It’s our theory that Valentine’s was shortened to V-Day for this very reason. Valentine’s is the D-Day of love and every man knows the terrifying consequences of a failed combat operation.


Don’t worry though – we’ve got your back with these three Valentine’s ideas which are guaranteed to make you a very lucky man indeed*.

  •  Wash your sheets and book an evening to spend in bed. Furnish your room with treats and reap the rewards of your love fort.


  •  Make tapas. They sound fancy, taste great, require little work and ensure you’re just full enough, leaving your evening wide open for the best part of Valentine’s.


  • Put out some olives and almonds, roasted brie and garlic, a fresh strawberry salsa, and a nice dried French sausage. Pair with a sexy red wine and if you’re looking for bonus points make four big chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert. All in all, this prep should take you 45 minutes max.


  • At the end of the day, your partner just wants to spend quality time with you and Valentine’s Day is a great excuse for that (although a good dose of chocolates or flowers never hurts). Make a point to go out to do something you’ve been putting off whether that’s a hike, a spa visit or simply refer back to tip one.


Whatever you do, make sure you leave the phone at home and give them the kind of attention you did when you first met.

Pro Tip Valentine’s Day is always crazy busy, so if you’re planning to do something that requires reservations, make them now.


*If these ideas did not make you a lucky man, you did something wrong thereby relieving us of all responsibility.


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