If you think vacations have to cost an arm and a leg (or your left foot or nut), think again. In fact, you can get all the benefits of an out-of-town getaway — better sex, stress-busting rest and relaxation, quality time with family and so on — without spending a dime on transportation or accommodations. How is that possible? Simple: By taking a staycation.

Transforming your abode and hometown into a kick-ass staycation destination couldn’t be easier. The trick is to make being at home way more fun than normal by living it up on the activities side. Here’s how it’s done:

STEP 1: Take Inventory

  • Indoor spaces: Do you have room in your garage for a foosball tournament, or space in your home for Guitar Hero or some board gaming?
  • Outdoor spaces: Do you have an outdoor space at your disposal? For instance: Is your yard big enough to accommodate outdoor activities, can you see yourself hosting a snowball fight with family, or is there space for a tent during the warmer seasons?
  • Nearby Attractions: What about your neighborhood, town or city? A staycation also gives you the opportunity to try local tourist attractions you know so well (but never actually do).

STEP 2: Create a Wish List

Now that you know what’s possible, compile a list of all the activities you’d like to do. Add or subtract from the list based on your budget and the time you’ve booked off. This can be a very satisfying process, what with all the extra money you aren’t spending on travel costs! Then, slot the items on your wish list into your staycation days.

STEP 3: Stock Up

Pick up the items you need to make your staycation happen: A foosball table, hockey tickets, a Monopoly game…you get the idea. Remember to stock the fridge with food and drink that’s out of the ordinary, and make sure the BBQ propane tank is topped up.

Pro Tip: Set the tone for your kick-ass staycation by setting up an out-of-office email alert and turning your cell phone to airplane mode or do not disturb.

Finally, get in the mood by rearranging your living room furniture for a fresh perspective. Hang some patio lanterns. Cue Bryan Adams’ Summer of ‘69…and you’re off!

Do you have any awesome staycation tips or ideas? Leave a comment below!

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