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The Single Best Tip to Live Happy & Healthy Today

by | Mar 7, 2017 | Mental Health

“Live in the present.”

So how do you benefit by “living in the present?” Pushing your boundaries by bungee jumping, pushing your credit limit by purchasing an expensive suit, or pushing your calorie count by ordering the nacho plate? Is it inspirational, indulgent…or neither?

For ancient Greek philosophers, “living in the present” was a state of mind one aspired to, becoming self-aware in order to experience and enjoy one’s current situation. Perhaps best captured by the slogan Carpe Diem — translated from Latin as ‘seize the day’ — the goal was to simply live in the moment… at least for emperors, noblemen, and anyone else that wasn’t busy doing intense labor.

How you can live like a king

We get it. You’re a regular guy with a regular job, not the King of England. You have commitments and responsibilities, which leaves little time for living in the present, right?

Thing is, you don’t need to throw lavish parties on luxury yachts, and you certainly don’t need to retreat to a cave and meditate, hoping for enlightenment. The key to being able to live in the present is to recognize that any situation presents opportunities.

Get started focusing on step one: breakfast.

Boost your mood with food

In theory, breakfast is a time to savor a meal while fueling yourself for the day ahead. In reality, you’re half-dressed, pushing the clock, chewing a bagel—briefcase in hand, moving towards the door. Don’t multitask around chewing and swallowing, schedule them in: HIGH PRIORITY! Meeting w/ oatmeal @ 7:40 a.m.

The key here is to remember to live in the present by dedicating your energy to the task at hand. Chances are, you’ll find that the more you put into living in the moment, the more you’ll get out of it.

For more tips that’ll keep you on top of your game, check out: 3 Foods to Boost Your Mood.

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