The Hulk finally figured it out, now it’s your turn

Mother-in-law driving you nuts? That guy ahead of you in traffic is turning left, but not using his signal until he is already at the light?

What if we were to tell you that there is a swift way to deal with these things? And what if we were to also assure you that it doesn’t need to end in jail time?

When emotions start to turn you into The Hulk, try this…

Respond by thinking about something you are grateful for.

Need to kick it up a notch? Try thinking about a person that means a lot to you – think about how they make you laugh, the soup they made when you were sick or that time you set the backyard on fire during a grill-off and they forgave you anyways. Before you know it, you will be as cool as a Polar bear’s toenail.


Feeling like it’s all a little much? Check out this article and learn how to recognize and deal with stress. 


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