Top 5 most cliché resolutions in 2015: Get Organized

Getting your resolution right will not only encourage (oh God, No!) healthy habits in life but when achieved they can also instil a large amount of pride. A certain amount of pride can do wonders for a man’s mental health. So cliché or not, keep your resolutions alive with these tips.



There is little sexier to a good woman than a man who keeps a clean house. Just as there will never be a good reason that you, as a grown man, should still be using your floor as a laundry basket.


That being said, if your home looks like the morning after a college house party, we will give you a pass on this cliché resolution, it really is time to de-clutter your mind and increase your productivity by rectifying this situation real quick. Just do it smart:


  • Start small like put your underwear in a drawer or at least in a designated underwear area.


  • Group things. Put the pens with the pens and stuff like that. If you’re really curious what this looks like we recommend taking a look at Pinterest. Just make sure you do that in your own home and erase the browser history after.


  • And finally, keep it up. The job is easy when it’s one or two things but a house that resembles a rat’s nest is a daunting task indeed. 


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January 14, 2015

I like these ideas....