Lunch is kind of like an oasis in the desert of your work day: time to catch up on your fantasy football pool, meet a buddy for a bite, or stream your favourite playlist. But if you’re stuck at your desk like a lot of us, we’ve got three killer tips to reduce stress, help you relax and find ways to save your hard-earned cash.

Check out our 3 unexpected ways you’ve probably never considered to have a healthier lunch break:

  1. Reduce stress by reducing clutter at your desk – An estimated one third of guys eat at their desks. Because a cluttered desk means added stress, take five minutes to file your papers and throw away old coffee cups before chowing down on your lunch.

  2. Close your eyes for 5 minutes and think about things you’re grateful for – One study showed grateful guys actually experience fewer aches and pains and report feeling healthier than others. So take a few minutes and focus on the things that make you smile.

  3. Make extra food at dinner for lunch the next day – Most guys spend a small fortune on eating out at lunch time during the work week, so break the bad habit by bringing leftovers for lunch. It’s almost always a healthier choice, and you’ll save plenty of dough.

So give it a shot. We guarantee you’ll be feeling like more of a boss around the office by the time the weekend rolls around.