9 Killer Tips on How to Order Fast Food!

Confession time – you most likely eat fast food, probably more then you’d like to admit.

Fast food seems like the simple, convenient way when you are crunched for time so use these tips to make sure your next meal is something other than a “fat food” disaster.

Healthy Fast Food Choices

  1. No Cheese Please
    The stuff put in most fast food burgers is generally processed chemical junk.
  2. You Got’ta Go Green
    Order a side salad in addition to your meal and change the side of fries to a small (rather than a large or medium.)
  3. Ditch the Sugar
    Order bottled water over pop, you’ll cut out a whopping 44 grams of sugar. If you swapped out water for a medium sized pop every day you’d lose roughly 18 pounds in a year… or your spare tire.
  4. Say No to Deep Fry
    Order the “Grilled” versus “Crispy” chicken sandwich, it has ½ the total fat and just under ½ the amount of saturated fat, the kind that clogs your arteries and leads to heart disease.
  5. Cut the Condiments
    Hold the mayo, save 90 calories and 10 grams of fat, that’s just about as much as what’s contained in the actual patty. And swap the sugar laden ketchup for salsa.
  6. Beef Up the Veg
    Add extra vegetables to your burger, fill up on the good stuff and you’ll be less tempted to go overboard on the bad stuff.
  7. Watch Your Dressing
    Avoid the creamy salads dressings. Vinegar based dressings tend to have healthier fats and overall less calories.
  8. Get in Some Grains
    Go for the whole grain bun, they’re less processed and contain more nutrients.
  9. Super Sizing
    Resist with all your willpower the urge to super-size any fast food meal.


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