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9 Killer Tips on How to Order Fast Food!

by | Jun 17, 2014 | Eat Healthier | 0 comments

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9 Killer Tips on How to Order Fast Food!

Confession time: You probably eat more fast food than you’d like to admit.

Then again, who can blame you? It seems like the simple, convenient route when you’re crunched for time. That’s where these easy tips come in: they’ll help turn your next fast-food meal into something other than a “fat-food” disaster.

Healthy Fast Food Choices

  1. No Cheese Please

    The stuff put on most fast food burgers is generally processed chemical junk.

  2. You Gotta Go Green

    When eating fast food, order a side salad in addition to your meal and change the side of fries to a small (rather than a large or medium.)

  3. Ditch the Sugar

    Order soda water over pop or carry a water bottle with you, you’ll cut out a whopping 44 grams of sugar. If you swapped out water for a medium sized pop every day you’d lose roughly 18 pounds in a year… or your spare tire.

  4. Say No to Deep Frying

    Order the “grilled” versus “crispy” chicken sandwich. The grilled option has half the total fat and just under half the saturated fat, which clogs your arteries and leads to heart disease.

  5. Cut the Condiments

    Hold the mayo, and you’ll save 90 calories and 10 grams of fat. That’s almost as much as what’s in the actual patty. And swap the sugar-laden ketchup for salsa, if possible.

  6. Beef Up the Veg

    Add extra vegetables to your burger and you’ll be less tempted to go overboard on the bad stuff such as the condiments on the table.

  7. Watch Your Dressing

    Avoid creamy salads dressings. Vinegar-based ones tend to contain healthier fats and fewer calories.

  8. Get Your Grains

    Go for whole wheat buns. They’re less processed and contain more nutrients.

  9. Say No to Super Sizing

    Resist the urge to super-size any fast food meal.

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