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Chow Down: 5 tips for Healthier Eating

by | Jan 26, 2015 | Eat Healthier | 4 comments

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1.  Reach for your nuts. Bring a handful of nuts to work to eat as a snack when you get hungry. This will avoid a trip to the vending machine and save some cash.

2.  Fill your sandwich with leftover steak or chicken instead of cold cuts or cured meat. Most deli meats are high in salt, which can increase blood pressure.

3.  Watching the game? Choose snacks like popcorn or baked sweet potato fries over chips, pretzels or regular fries. 

4.  Faster, stronger, harder. Improve your sperm motility and quality by eating a handful of walnuts and some carrots as a snack. Adding walnuts and olive oil instead of butter to your steamed carrots also works.

5.  Skip the supersized portions at fast-food joints. The more food on the tray, the more we tend to eat. Even better? Make your own pizza at home instead of ordering in with this quick and easy recipe. 


Big thanks to the Dieticians of Canada for these tips!

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    Really feeling the website. It turned out great. Quick an informative articles that are positive and realistic in terms of goal setting. It really helps me stay on track, and reinforces my decision making process. Keep it up!! Hopefully an app to follow?

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    just got here and started to read (I am a slow reader

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    I love this campaign. Since last November I have lost 40lbs,, reduced my resting heart rate, reduced my blood pressure, and have run 5K, 10K and half-marathon races – all by Not Changing Much. Little changes, one at a time.

    Each time I made a lifestyle change, I told myself it was just a simple little thing. Once that change became a habit, I made another change. The very first was just changing my breakfast. Went from the bagel with peanut butter and banana to a smoothie. Then I changed my lunches, avoiding bread. And so on. Exercise the same. Little changes. From walking to spinning to running. Now my life is completely different, but each change was incremental.

    • Avatar

      Thanks for your comment Darren. So glad you’re enjoying the site and to hear that this method has helped fuel your change. Keep it going, man!


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