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Don’t Get Tricked, Avoid These Treats

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You might think you’re done with trick-or-treating, but when you’re jonesing for half-price Halloween candy at the grocery store your inner boy may be calling.

Before the ghosts and ghouls start coming out of the woodwork—and treats start mysteriously appearing around the office—consider these tips to avoid a freaky sugar crash.

Treat yourself in moderation

There’s no need to go cold turkey. Sugary snacks are ok in careful moderation. One bonus with most Halloween candy is that it comes in tiny packages, so down one or two treats and you’ll be OK.

Don’t get tricked

The same candy that made you bounce off the walls as a kid is likely going to have all sorts of side effects in your grown-up life. Added sugars mean more calories with zero nutrition.

In the short-term, you might get a sugar high and then crash, but long-term effects are a bit more spooky.

Too much sugar can lead to heart disease, stroke, obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood cholesterol, cancer, cavities… The list goes on.

Another idea?

Try alternatives like natural popcorn, dark chocolate or fruit when you have a craving, and stick to water to wash it down. Avoid drinking pop as you’re doubling up on the sugar intake.





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