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So, you think you’re a pretty awesome dad? You see, the key to being a truly kick-ass dad is often overlooked. Creating amazing, unforgettable memories with your family is all fine and dandy, but how can you make those memories if you aren’t staying healthy and at the top of your game?

That’s where we come in; we’ve gathered a list of fun and healthy ideas to make this year not only your best Father’s Day, but your best year yet! Let’s get started…

Healthy & Tasty Pancake Breakfast Recipe

Just one of the 7 awesome things you can do is making an epic pancake breakfast with your family! Remind them you really are the master of the kitchen and show them the magic of this ridiculously easy, and equally impressive, method for 2 ingredient pancakes! Did we mention they’re healthy too?

You’ll get this recipe and 6 more amazingly fun things you can do in this free eBook.

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