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Time to Shed a Few Pounds? This Tip Works Wonders

by | May 5, 2018 | Activity, Nutrition

From curbing your appetite to getting energized, drinking plenty of water is a simple, easy and no-cost way to lose weight

It may not bother Fido, but people shouldn’t drink toilet water for two main reasons: No. 1…and No. 2!

Seriously though, knocking back five tall glasses of tap water each day is one of the best ways to lose weight. It has zero calories, after all, but there’s more to it than that:

It fills you up

Drinking water fills up your stomach, which makes you feel less hungry. Is it too early for a mic drop?

It boosts energy

Your brain and body need water to work properly, and drinking lots of it will help make you sharper and more energetic. This, in turn, will give you the boost you need to take the stairs instead of the elevator or to walk to work after parking in the cheaper lot.

It burns energy

At the same time, your body actually burns calories to process the water you drink. And because water has zero calories, you really are getting something for nothing. No fine print here!

It stops you from drinking other things

Studies have shown that drinking water reduces our intake of sugary soda pop, fatty coffees and gut-busting beer. So instead of shelling out for six beers, have one or two and chase each with a glass of water. You’ll save money, get your buzz on, skip the hangover and keep the pounds off.

Now that’s mic-drop material…

Adam Bisby
Adam Bisby

Adam Bisby is a Toronto-based freelance journalist and father of two who has been covering men’s health for more than 20 years. As well as researching and blogging for Don’t Change Much since 2015, Adam’s award-winning work has appeared in the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star and National Post newspapers, in magazines such as Explore, Reader’s Digest and Canadian Family, and on websites including MSN and Toronto.com. Visit Adam’s website for more information on what he does.

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