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How to Stay Healthy While Travelling

by | Jul 18, 2017 | Nutrition

Who wants to eat a dry, flavourless kale salad when a creamy Caesar salad is on the table? Thing is, you don’t have to check your health at the gate when you check your bag! Although that creamy caesar salad and fries will be our temptress for the trip, we’ve got your back (and your belly!) with three easy & healthy travel tips.

Read on, you really don’t have to change much!

Drink loads of water

Downing H2O is key to helping your body function optimally, as it can help us differentiate hunger from thirst. Try to always carry a bottle of water with you while traveling and challenge yourself to aim for a glass of water every hour.

Reduce processed foods

What’s a good trip without delicious treats and foods? Do your best to avoid fast food outlets, or eating processed foods such as microwaveable meals. Eating processed foods can lower your energy levels and even disrupt your bowel movements (particularly troubling during a business trip or romantic trip for that matter!).  

Stick to the golden rule: Half fries half salad

Here’s a really good tip – be sure to order à la carte (one specific item, instead of the full meal deal with a side of fries) when eating out. It’s much easier to control the amount eaten when ordering separate items from the menu and you can opt for half fries, half salad or veggies when you are the master of your own food domain.

In summary, while traveling, food is one of the best ways to get immersed in the culture. Use the simple tips above next time you’re in a new city or country and both your mood and your belly will be happy you did.

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