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The Healthiest, Easiest Grab & Go Snack for Men

by | Aug 6, 2015 | Nutrition

An easy way we can all improve our health is by keeping our snacking in check. We are not suggesting going all Bugs Bunny and only snacking on carrots and celery. Instead, a good old-fashioned trail mix can cover both your sweet and salty tooth yet pack a nutritional punch, including protein and fiber that will tide you over until the next meal…

Make your own: Keep a supply of ingredients on hand and fire a few of them — say, a quarter cup’s worth — in a Ziploc bag every time you head out the door.

Whatever you’re up to, there’s a trail mix recipe to match. That said, if you’re happy with a basic GORP mix — that’s Good Old Raisins and Peanuts — then keep doing what you’re doing.

Here are a few more ideas to get you started:

  • The Commuter: Need a little pick-me-up on the drive, ride, pedal or run into work? Throw some chocolate-covered coffee beans, raisins, peanuts and almonds in your (other) insulated coffee mug and munch away.
  • The Family Picnic: Kids won’t touch the potato salad? Mimic the universally popular PB&J with peanuts, dried strawberries, peanut butter chips and shredded wheat cereal.
  • The Big Game: If the guys are coming over to watch the game, replace those salty pretzels and fatty potato chips with a tasty, satisfying and slightly unusual blend of barbecued almonds, low sodium beef jerky, dried cherries, M&Ms and sunflower seeds.

Do you have a go-to trail mix recipe? Go ahead and share it in the comments below or on social media (along with this post).

Adam Bisby
Adam Bisby

Adam Bisby is a Toronto-based freelance journalist and father of two who has been covering men’s health for more than 20 years. As well as researching and blogging for Don’t Change Much since 2015, Adam’s award-winning work has appeared in the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star and National Post newspapers, in magazines such as Explore, Reader’s Digest and Canadian Family, and on websites including MSN and Toronto.com. Visit Adam’s website for more information on what he does.

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