Turn Your Bad Habit Into Badassery With 1 Simple Swap

Badassery is defined as: “behavior, characteristics, or actions regarded as formidably impressive.” Next to this definition, there’s usually a head shot of Chuck Norris, or Clint Eastwood.

While we don’t recommend adding “badassery” as a skill set on your resumé — as cool-sounding as it is — you can still impress everyone from your boss to your buddies to your significant other by doing this one simple swap to become, yes, formidably impressive:

Less coffee, more energizing smoothies

There’s nothing wrong with a coffee in the morning, which is when the caffeine won’t mess with your evening sleep. But reaching for the java every time you feel tired or sluggish isn’t the answer. Coffee doesn’t contain any significant nutrients and is a stimulant that will actually drain your energy in the long run if you overdo it.

That’s where a kick-ass smoothie comes in. Instead of drinking another cup of coffee, grab a blender along with a whole peeled banana, a spoonful of unsweetened cocoa, a few unsalted nuts and a few ice cubes. Mix it all together, and POW! You’ve got a satisfying potassium-packed energy drink with muscle-building protein to spare.

Don’t like bananas? Try one of the Top 3 Protein-Packed Smoothies.


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