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Why your gut hates the Ho Ho Holidays…

by | Dec 9, 2014 | Nutrition

The other week we brought you the latest on Merrymakerrhea, this week’s report is on the number of people running to their doctors with Gorgitis.


gorj / i / tis

An inflammation due to greedily eating large proportions of food.


With Christmas season getting longer each year – overeating is becoming a tri-weekly occurrence.


Our expert, Dr.Lardis, says the awkward timing of parties is a big part of the problem.


“People don’t know if 7 o’clock means they should eat before heading to celebrations or if they should expect a dinner. Either way, if they decide to wait, their bodies have already hit starvation mode by 7 – 7:30pm and the stomach growling has reached audible ratings at this point. Sufferers get to the party and end up gorging on greasy finger food and rum and eggnog.”


Lardis, reiterates that this is a serious issue and should not be taken lightly. He urges you to watch out for these symptoms:


  • eyes bigger than stomach from grabbing more food than you can eat
  • Santa-style bloating due to overeating  
  • Nausea as a direct result of a constant stream of rum and eggnog

Our team of medical professionals are recommending that you:


Munch before leaving the house

We get it, it feels like a great excuse not to have to cook but you don’t need to make a four course meal before heading out the door. A quick bowl of soup, a smoothie or whatever else you have on hand will be enough to keep your blood sugar stable. Avoid that awkward belly rumbling and enjoy the added benefit of not being that guy at the party – you know, the one with the leaning tower of finger-food. Relax, snack and avoid the seasonal belly.

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