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Drink Up! Water That Is

by | Apr 29, 2015 | Prevention | 0 comments

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When you consider that our bodies, and particularly our muscles are made of 60% water, it’s a no brainer that keeping hydrated is so important. Not only does water give you a boost of energy, it helps your body maintain normal functions like blood circulation, food digestion, and joint lubrication.

Start a new health habit and drink water:

All you have to do is drink 5 tall glasses of H2O throughout the day (equal to about 2.5 litres). Start when you first get up (yes, even before your morning coffee!) and finish with a final glass a few hours before bed.

If you drink this amount, you’ll be 54% less likely to suffer a fatal heart attack than a guy who drinks just two glasses, according to scientists at Loma Linda University. 

What tips do you have for drinking more water? 



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