Getting your resolution right will not only encourage (oh God, No!) healthy habits in life but when achieved they can also instil a large amount of pride. A certain amount of pride can do wonders for a man’s mental health. So cliché or not, keep your resolutions alive with these tips.


Quitting smoking has lots of great benefits, like being able to freely drink out of the cans laying around the house, no more freezing your buns off in negative 40 degree weather or not being treated like a leper while walking down the sidewalk.  Lots of benefits. 


So like every other smoker in Canada, you figured this is the year to quit cold turkey. Again.


Well in case you think that your friend of a friend of a friend’s friend actually managed to successfully quit cold turkey or God-forbid, by smoking themselves sick, save yourself the inhumane torture.


The key to unlocking the magical answer to life’s most difficult questions lays in an appointment with a Doctor. Doc’s are like wizards of the 21st century. They have many talents and are full of great resolutions, shared with you by the mere simple ask of a question.



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