What do ex-smokers and race car drivers have in common? They both rely on their support teams to achieve their goals.

When a Formula 1 driver blows a tire or needs to refuel, he turns to his crew in the pits. Likewise, when a guy decides to butt out and is struggling with temptation, having a support group there to get him over the hump is essential to success.

Smokers who have a broad range of support from friends, family and online communities are more successful in kicking the habit. In fact, online support can be a great way to share your thoughts and learn from others who are also on a mission to quit smoking.

Check out men.quitnow.ca

This joint venture by UBC and the BC Lung Association is chock full of helpful tools, such as “quick tips” for dealing with cravings. In addition, findings from this recent study will amaze you: If you smoke just five cigarettes a day, it costs you nearly a million dollars over your lifetime!

The power of teamwork

The website also shows how powerful teamwork can be:

  • Forum: The forum lets guys share their thoughts about anything from alternatives to going cold turkey to the challenges of butting out on weekends.
  • Roll play: A series of short videos share the story of Nick, a guy who just quit smoking and is making his way through his first day without cigarettes.
  • Real stories: Dozens of guys post their own stories, from the skier who has saved a car payment every month by quitting, to dads who want to stop smoking for their kids. You can even challenge a buddy to quit by emailing them and “make it interesting.”

Cue the celebration

What else do ex-smokers and race car drivers have in common? Whether it’s spraying champagne or being treated to a steak dinner, they both have reason to celebrate when they succeed!